World Cup

Italy Moves into the Final Four of the Nations League

Italy might not have qualified for the World Cup but they are participating in the UEFA games that are coming up next year. UEFA has confirmed that the final four games of the Nations League will take place in Enscheda and Rotterdam in June 2023.

The Azzurri has qualified to play in the Final Four of the Nations League. It topped the group that included countries such as England, Germany, and Hungary.

As a result, when they play in the Final Four of the Nations League they will be facing countries such as Netherlands, Spain, and Croatia. In the last Nations League tournament that took place in 2020-21, Spain was the winner against Italy which made it to the finals. They then beat Belgium and won the bronze medal.

Pirlo defends Italian Football

Italian football is not generally recognized to be one of the most attractive or entertaining competitions to watch. La Liga and the English Premier League are the ones that are regularly highly-rated with supposedly better and more talented performers.

The last time that an Italian club won the UEFA Champions League was 7 years ago back in 2010 when Inter Milan emerged as the champions of Europe and the Italian national football team has also been struggling in the international scene.


For the past few weeks and months, research have been taking place involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and FIFA.

It has been discovered that the International Football Association was involved in a number of briberies of scandals which has forced Sepp Blatter on stepping down from his presidential role in FIFA.

A large amount of FIFA executives were also arrested as it was confirmed that illegal trades have been taking place. Sepp Blatter couldn’t take the heat as pressure continued to build.

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