For the past few weeks and months, research have been taking place involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and FIFA.

It has been discovered that the International Football Association was involved in a number of briberies of scandals which has forced Sepp Blatter on stepping down from his presidential role in FIFA.

A large amount of FIFA executives were also arrested as it was confirmed that illegal trades have been taking place. Sepp Blatter couldn’t take the heat as pressure continued to build.

The scandal’s and briberies have been so big that there is a possibility of seeing the upcoming 2018 and 2022 World Cup being changed from host country as Russia and Qatar are believed to have 'bought' the bids of hosting these approaching worldwide tournaments.

Some of the bookmakers available on bet-bonuscode have markets running on whether Sepp Blatter himself will be arrested.

South Africa is one of the latest branches of FIFA that has been investigated and the Sports Minister FikileMbalula has actually confirmed that they have paid money to FIFA executives in a fee that rises up to US$10 million but that money was not used as bribery, it was only used to help pay for the 2010 World Cup.

Mbalalua stated that the US$10 million was used as a donation to support the building of a football centre for people of African descent in the Caribbean.

"We categorically deny our country and government bribed anyone to receive the right to host the 2010 World Cup. It was an approved programme and we can't understand why this is now interpreted as a bribe," Mbalulatold a packed news conference.

As each day passes on, more things are being discovered and even things are expected to be uncovered as the FBI still continues investigating the football governing authority but South Africa has denied that they have anything to do with the rumors and links of scandals that have been emerging.