Javier Mascherano provided insight in Barcelona Players

Javier Mascherano has provided an insight into the life at Barcelona as a player of the first-team.

The Argentine moved to the club a few years ago from Liverpool. He was converted from being a central midfielder into a central defender quite seamlessly by former manager Pep Guardiola. Mascherano has since been rocksolid for the Catalan club and has been one of their ever present names in the starting line-up. This status has helped the 31-year-old to win numerous titles including a couple of Champions League and la Liga medals. The success, though, has also has brought its downfalls according to Mascherano.

The player says that it is almost impossible to relax given the strenuous demands that a first-team player has to go through every week. Since Barcelona are extremely successful, the club are used to playing two games every week. This means having to maintain concentration, fitness, and diet for almost the entire year. Mascherano’s involvement with the Argentina national team means that there is no left off even during the summer. For the first time, the former Liverpool midfielder admitted that he has not been able to enjoy his success since he does not have much time on his hands.

Mascherano has confirmed that he will return to Argentina in order to play out the final few years of his career.“Belonging to a team like this, with such unique players, gives meaning to our profession. Barcelona have changed my views on how I see football. We live in such an intense way, every three days, that it is impossible to enjoy. You don't have the time. You're always focused on the next challenge and don't have time to relax. But there are obviously unique moments that you can't experience in other clubs,” said the Barcelona star, who is close to making 300 appearances for the Spanish club.