Roberto Mancini recently dropped striker Mauro Icardi

Inter Milan manager Roberto Mancini recently dropped striker Mauro Icardi from the starting line-up for the game against Genoa.

The match finished as a narrow 1-0 win for Inter, but many have been questioning his decision to dropIcardi. It appears that his decision to drop the 22-year-old was taken after the recent poor performance in the 2-1 defeat against Napoli.Icardi has scored six goals in 13 appearances. However, only three of those goals were scored in the last nine games. It appears that he paid for this poor performance after dropping to the bench against Genoa.

Icardiwas taken off at half-time in the loss against Napoli. It was quite clear that Mancini was not happy with the movement or the form of the player. Mancini would be happy that he has gotten the desired response from the player and also from the rest of the team.Icardi was not able to feature in the entire game against Genoa. He is expected to be recalled for the next game against Udinese, which will just be before the winter break in Italian football. Impress the manager will now become the top priority for the young Argentine striker, who is viewed as someone with great potential.

Mancini recalled thatIcardi has missed only two out of the last 15 games for Inter Milan."It was important for us to win after the Napoli game and it wasn't easy this evening. Genoa are tough and give no reference points, they move around a lot and we ran into difficulties because we didn't take the early chances. Changing things is good for the players. Icardi only missed two games out of 15 this season, it can happen. Everyone did well tonight. We are top of the table this evening and I don't see why we should change that,” said Mancini.