Yonghong Li has managed to convince Silvio Berlusconi to grant him an extra twelve weeks to come up with the bucks to finalize the transfer of the ownership of AC Milan.

Berlusconi’s stance was pretty strict when he had spoken about the issue the previous month as he had dropped signs that if the bucks didn’t reach him within the time that had been given to the other party, he might terminate the deal and keep his club to himself.

So when Li failed to provide the bucks within that time, it was believed that he was going to lose the first instalment of about 140 million Dollars that he had paid to Berlusconi because the politician was not going to go ahead with the deal now.

But, a face to face talk between the two resulted in a solution according to which Li was asked to pay the second instalment of the same value as the first instalment and get an extension in the deadline for the payment of the entire sum.

AC Milan fans are waiting patiently to see whether the deal will go through ahead of the transfer window, and whether there will be money to spend. Many have even put off buying tickets to the matches on after January, to wait and see which players join, and whether they will be worth watching!

The reason why Berlusconi adopted a soft approach and got ready for the extension was because Li made him believe that it was not a case him not having the bucks, but, it was instead a case of completing the formalities and getting clearances from various governmental offices back home in China and that’s what is causing the delay.

However Li can’t hope for any more extra time if he fails on the deadline in March too. If he fails again, it would simply mean that both the instalments deposited by him so far would go to waste and Milan would remain Berlusconi’s possession only. So he must try and hurry it up and ensure the final transaction is well and truly on time.