The Lazio manager Vladimir Petkovic has said that his team should not lose its focus when they play in the second leg match against FK Mura in the Europa league playoff round. Lazio are extremely close to securing their place in the group stages of the Europa league after they have secured a 2-0 victory in the first leg.

However, the job is certainly not over according to the Lazio manager Vladimir Petkovic, who has said that the players need to maintain their utmost concentration in order to complete the job in the second leg. He said that the tie is delicately balanced with no room for error.

Lazio have made a great start to the new Italian Serie A season. However, the manager is quite aware of the fact that have a lot of confidence in the early part of the campaign can be especially bad. Hence, he has asked the players to maintain their concentration levels in the second leg match against FK Mura. He has said that it is extremely easy to give motivation to the FK Mura if they managed to score one goal. Then, it would be only a matter of time before nervousness comes to the Lazio players.

"I expect character from the team. The psychological approach will be crucial, as we must win and do so convincingly. We are the favourites tomorrow, but we have to prove on the field that we deserve that title. Inter were favourites in the last round, but they ran into huge problems with Hajduk Split. This is not the first time that Lazio have played in the Europa League, so we have the experience to know that playing in an important match means focusing on the mental attitude," said the Lazio manager ahead of the second leg encounter.