Hiddink gives Conte advice

Guus Hiddink reckons Antonio Conte, who has been named to succeed him at Stamford Bridge, should have his eyes on the products of the club’s academy and should make sure that they are moved up to the next level if they are ready.

The Chelsea board has always spent heavily on the academic facilities so that the talents make progress quickly and smoothly and make the journey to the next level.

But, most of the club’s coaches in the past, including the legendary Jose Mourinho, have been indifferent to youngsters from the academy and have just not trusted them enough to use them at the senior level.

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With the Chelsea Youth team having won more than their fair share of matches over the last few years (and winning back to back Youth Champions Leagues) it is about time that some of them were given a fair chance.

Hiddink, in his temporary stint, has looked willing to play those from the academy who, he has felt, have got something. Several Chelsea youngsters, some of whom are even the teenagers, have stepped into senior Football under the Dutchman.

Yes, one can say that it’s been slightly easier for Hiddink to go with youngsters. Chelsea has been left with literally nothing to play for in the presently going Premier League and it doesn’t really matter too much what results they are going to achieve from here as it’s more or less certain that they will remain way behind top 5. So, the manager has frequently experimented.

But, from the youngsters’ point of view, it’s not their fault that they have been asked to make their debut under such circumstances and it would be really unfair to say that all of them have just been benefitted by the manager’s approach of experimentation.

The likes of Matt Miazga and Baba Rahman have proved that they can be continued with in future and Hiddink wants Conte to have them in the mix when he builds his team.