Silvio Berlusconi sad with AC Milan’s Chinese Ownership, claims Brother

Silvio Berlusconi recently ended a major presence in Italian football after deciding to sell AC Milan to Chinese investors.

He had been involved with the Rossonerifor several decades, but his departure brings a major change to the club following the arrival of more Chinese investment. Only a few months ago, Inter Milan were taken over by Asian investors with a view of returning the club back to the glory days. After a wave of investment in the Premier league over the last decade, new billionaire owners are turning their attention towards Spanish and Italian clubs.

However, Silvio Berlusconi’s brother says that he would have appreciated the club going into the hands of an Italian rather than a Chinese. Milan are one of the symbols of Italian football after having achieved immense success over the history of the game. They have the second most successful team in the Champions League history with seven titles.

Even though the club have not been able to dominate domestic or European game in the last decade, it has largely been down to the lack of investment from Berlusconi. It is believed that the Chinese owners will be pumping a lot of money in order to make the club one of the top Italian outfits once again.

Manager Vincenzo Montella has been able to sustain a place near the top six.“It was his wish to hand the club over to a Milanese businessman, or an Italian at the very least. However nobody came forward.That is unfortunate because there could have even been some discounts in the purchase if that had been the case. My brother is very sad. AC Milan was always a matter of heart and not business for him. We knew that soon or later the sale would materialise but in reality you are never quite prepared to face that scenario,” said Berlusconi’s brother.