Serie A still looking at the possibility of a return

Serie A will be returning through step by step by process as indicated by the Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora. Italian League was suspended from March due to the outbreak of coronavirus and discussion between the government and the football committee is going on restarting the league. Many of the leagues have allowed its players to return to training grounds but Italy has restrained the players to the training ground till May 18th. They have allowed the players to return to club facilities, but they will have to wait a little moreto train.

Spadafora said that they will be reviewing the medical protocol readied by the scientific team of the Italian football federation. He also said that they are developing medical protocols to allow people on all areas of sports to return to their curriculum. They will be proposing guidelines to all the members who are returning to train and sports centres like gyms swimming pools and dance schools will be given guidelines to follow.

"Finally, we are also working with the Ministry for Education, for Equal Opportunities and Families to reopen sporting facilities, so we can guarantee a summer of sport for the youngest members of our society. So, one step at a time, sport will return. It'll be stronger than ever," said Spadafora.

Ligue 1 and Eredivisie have been called off due to COVID-19 pandemic. Italian League doesn't want to follow the same path and the hopes have increased with AC Milan having their players tested negative of the virus. Since now, no players have been tested positive and they will be continuing their individual training sessions in Milanello. The medical protocol will be followed for all the staff and players in the future days too.

In the video conference conducted by the president Paolo Scaroni, there has been speculation of having more positive cases in the clubs of Italy but there has been no confirmation about it. Juventus is currently leading the table with one point ahead of Lazio and has played totally 26 matches