Inter Milan have shown tremendous effort in trying to sign the deal with Manchester City for Carlos Tevez and they are doing anything possible to ensure that the deal is a success.

The President, Massimo Moratti has agreed that their interest in signing Carlos is growing day by day and they are keeping a track of all the daily updates that are taking place on the deal.

Their only other competitor who has a chance in this deal is AC Milan, with Carlos himself having been with the AC Milan boss quite a few times for lunch and dinner. Carlos has said he would be happier signing with AC Milan as well.

However, even with the current course of events, Inter Milan have not lost hope and they still feel that there is a way to get the deal back on their side and they are making sure that each of their plans get executed properly. With the Derby in the Cup coming up, both clubs are equally under pressure to make sure that the deal will finish on a positive note.

When contacted Inter Milan President, Massimo Moratti mentioned that he hopes things will work out in a positive way for them and is just hopeful, not optimistic that there will be success. He realizes that AC Milan is making sure that they stay at a higher position and have even raised their price from a free loan to over 20 million after seeing the inputs of the deal offered by Inter. Now it’s all up to the hands of Manchester city and the former Manchester United star to decide which club will be finally selected to close the deal and ensure the smooth running of the club games.