Milik Keen to Get a Move Away from Napoli

Polish footballerArkadiusz Milik is on the radar of many clubs as his contract with Napoli will end in 2021. The interests have increased with the news that the player has not confirmed any renewal plans with the present club.
His agent David Pantak has confirmed that clubs like Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan are interested in the player. He also said that they are having talks with Napoli but has not agreed to any renewals. There were reports that Milik will leave Napoli with their rivals Inter Milan who has been very keen on signing a deal with him.

Pantak has denied all the unnecessary news revolving around the player’s transfer. He in a recent news session said that there has been much news about the transfer in recent times and confirmed all of them are rumours. He also commented that many of the reports were disrespectful to Napoli.

He is in regular contact with the club officials and is been discussing Milik’s situation in the club. They will be choosing a solution that is comfortable to both the player and the club. The 26-year-old was transferred from Ajax in 2016. After his arrival in the club, he has scored 12 goals in 2019–2020 season for the club before the suspension of football activity due to coronavirus.

Naples is looking forward for the transfer window to open. Naples is considering of bringing Mario Balotelli to the team in replacement for either Mario Rui or Faouzi Ghoulam. Balotelli has also shown interest in moving to Napoli. He has previously tried for a deal with Napoli and his recent comments show his interest towards the club has not wavered.

“I tried it [to join Napoli]. I would have a great time in Naples. I would make my daughter head ultra. She supports Napoli,” said Balotelli in a recent interview.