Massimiliano Allegri wont Manage Italian Seri A Team

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri has revealed that he will not be managing another Italian Serie A team after leaving his current job.

Instead, he would be willing to take up the managerial role of the Italian national team or leave for a foreign club. Allegri took over as the manager of Juventus only in the summer under difficult circumstances. He was brought in as a replacement for Antonio Conte, who resigned from his role just days before the start of the new season. Following up with the achievements of Conte was always going to be difficult, as he had won three successive league titles.

Allegri is well on course to giving Juventus their fourth consecutive league title. The club are nine points ahead of second-placed Roma. It is clear that the Turin-based club are by far the strongest in the Italian Serie A at the moment.

It could be one of the reasons behind Allegri categorically stating that he will not manage another club team in Italy once he decides to leave Juventus. Given his record in recent years, the former AC Milan manager will have no trouble finding work with the likes of top Premier League and Bundesliga clubs. He has also stated his intention to become the future manager of Italy.

"Juventus are the best run club in Italy by far. It was the right decision for me because you always want to take the next step.After that you can only take over the national team, or move abroad, but for now I want to work in Turin as long as possible. There are four favourites in Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern. The rest are at a different level, and the head and most of all luck will decide those fixtures. It's important that we don't concede against Dortmund at home. I'd prefer to draw 0-0,” said Allegri before the Champions League match against Dortmund.