The Tottenham goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini has said that the Italian football should be learning a lot from English football when it comes to stopping hooliganism in football. Hooliganism was one of the biggest problems faced by English football back in the 1980s.

However, a lot of reforms by the government and changes to the way security in football was implemented have done a lot of improvement in this regard. Now, football hooliganism is almost eliminated from English football apart from the few instances. This, however, is a big problem in Italian football and the recent incident involving Lazio supporters doing anti-Semitic chants and attacking Tottenham supporters should be stopped according to the Tottenham goalkeeper.

The Italian Carlo Cudicini has been at Tottenham for the last few seasons. He was with the squad as part of the Europa league match with Lazio in Rome. A mob of Lazio supporters attacked Tottenham supporters in a bar outside the stadium, which left a number of English supporters injured. A Tottenham supporter, Ashley Mills, suffered the worst after he has been left in a serious condition in hospital. Cudicini has called for the Italian football to introduce various reforms that would make the game cleaner outside the stadium. He has also called on for the European football governing body UEFA to take a look at the situation.

"I remember when I was playing in Italy, we were looking at England as very dangerous place to go and so I find it quite strange that now it's the opposite. I think England can become a role model for all nations. It's a country that should be looked at in terms of how we look at to solve the hooligan problems. If this keeps happening then either UEFA or whoever is the relevant authority has to do something. I can't think of Italy as a dangerous place to come," said Cudicini.