Gigi Buffon reckons it’s kind of a change from Italy’s point of view

Gigi Buffon reckons it’s kind of a change from Italy’s point of view that they are free from the permutations and combinations of knockout qualification before their last group game.

In major competitions of late, there has mostly been a sense of Panic in the Italian camp approaching the end of the group stage, but, Six points on the onset in the current Euros have not only bought them the Round of 16 entry, but, it’s also certain that they will not slip to no. 2 in the group.

The Irish game is now regardless and gives breather to the Blues, though they are still odds on to win, even if you use a Bet365 bonus code to double the odds!?

Buffon, the man holding the skipper’s badge, has had slight influenza for two to three days and although, it’s getting milder, he would put on the substitute jacket like some of his other regular fellow starters.

He still had the duty of talking to the press on the eve of the game and without being the least diplomatic, the goalie made the admission of the fact that Italy had not been as clinical as this early on in the recent multi-team competitions.

The 38-year old said, “This is an unusual situation to be honest. Normally, the beginning has not been such easy for us if you see the past, but, on this occasion, we have provided some extra time to ourselves and it should be used on work outs and fitness drills.”

Letting go of much of energy in Wednesday’s match defies common sense. The only purpose to be attained is to reveal the back-ups to the match situation to ensure they were not undercooked in case of being called upon emergently.

Italy’s pre quarter final tie will be set up against either Spain or Croatia depending which of the two is the eventual no. 2 of Group D.