Chiellini reconsidering his future at Juventus

Giorgio Chiellini will be reconsidering his future plans after one more year and he is hoping to play for another season at Juventus to continue his time with the club. He has been playing for the Italian club from 2005 and has made appearances in more than 500 games for the club. In this time during his stay at Juve, he has won eight Serie A titles and four Coppa Italia trophies.

In this season, he has stayed in the bench as he has suffered an injury on the anterior cruciate ligament in August. Before the spread of COVID 19,he has returned back healthy and free of injuries. He believes that he has got a lot of time left as a player.

Chiellini in Instagram has said that next year he will see how he feels on playing and he wishes to continue to play in the next season. He considers football as his life and he wants to play football. After the retirement, he would be much preferringa management role rather than being a manager of the team.

The 35-year-old on the time apart from playing football he has watched a documentary regarding Pep Guardiola and his team Manchester City. Chiellini said that after watching the first two video of Guardiola explaining about the player one can feel and see his charisma from the video. He possesses something different from other managers which makes him a special one. He was lucky to meet him and a football lover can understand the greatness of him just by the initial two videos.

He was made the team captain as the former captain Gianluigi Buffon was transferred to Paris Saint Germain. Even though Buffon returned later the captainship remained with Chiellini. He is glad about becoming the captain of the club.

“Being captain, on the one hand, is more tiring than being a phenomenon, but at the beginning you have less pressure. There are many who are 17 years old with many expectations that ruin a career,” saidChiellini.