Ac.Milan’s season has been so disastrous that even the head coach Massimiliano Allegri acknowledges it and has already stated that it will be his last time in charge of the Italian giants who are at the 13th spot in the Serie A.

"I do not know who will be the new coach, but it is a problem that does not concern me. Of course, this is my last Christmas at AC Milan. I decided to stay on for another season. I liked the idea of staying on and finishing the job, but four years with one club is many." Allegri said after being asked about his future with Ac.Milan

Massimiliano Allegri was brought into the club back in 2010 and he made a huge splash by securing the Scudetto in his debut year in charge of Ac.Milan but from there on out everything has taken a turn for the worse.

Ever since Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva were offloaded to PSG in 2012, the club took a downhill path that saw them getting disappointing results against teams in the Serie A. This is similar to the time when Ricardo Kaka was sold to Real Madrid, as Ac.Milan failed to sign a player anywhere near the caliber of the Brazilian playmaker.

Not only did they offload one of the best strikers in the world but also removed the star defender of the squad which is the case of the Brazilian Thiago Silva and then history repeated itself as they could not get any players that could replace either Ibrahimovic or Silva on the attacking and the defensive areas of the team respectively.

Balotelli, Zapata, Montolivo, were all signed and the only one that could actually make a significant kind of impact was the midfielder Montolivo who has even turned into the captain of the squad but Ac.Milan is in dire need of something else, a new spark in their team.

Ricardo Kaka made his way back into Ac.Milan as the Brazilian had an awful time in Real Madrid and decided to get back into the club that saw him become the best player in the world where he even claimed the Ballon d’Or some years ago. Kaka has already made flashes of brilliance as he is trying to become his former self but with no teammates up to his same level, it is becoming a task almost impossible for him to accomplish.